We’re excited to share Theater Mirror’s review of our current show A Piece of My Heart by Shirley Lauro. The glowing review, by James Wilkinson, drives home the importance of showcasing the perspectives and experiences of underrepresented groups, like the women who served in Vietnam. My Wilkinson also compliments the script and how well Ms. Lauro presents each woman’s story.

He had even more phenomenal things to say about this particular production, noting: “But here, director Nora Hussey and her cast of actors find a way to pull the audience in so that the events of the play feel immediate and intimate. What we’re getting is the direct and emotional experience of these women as it is happening.”

 “…but the real magic of this production comes from a very subtle, hypnotic spell that it casts to draw you in. In the final scenes of the play when the characters meet at a vet support group, after watching everything the characters had gone through, I found myself incredibly moved by where they end up and how they push on. Certainly this is a testament to the fantastic company of actors who really invest in the journey of the characters.”

Mr. Wilkinson then closes the review with, “Ultimately what recommends the production is the heart and humanity that the Wellesley Repertory Theater team has put it into it.”

To read the full review, go to the post for the play A Piece of My Heart.