This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing

June 6 - 30, 2019 | Ruth Nagel Jones Theatre

"A marvel of exquisite theatre-craft"
- The Herald, Scotland

Triplet sisters are left in a forest by a woodcutter father and forced to find their own way in the world. From this fairytale beginning, three resolutions are made -- one sister walks one way to find purpose, one the other to find adventure, and the third stays right where she is, to create a home. Years later, having circled a globe and fought vikings, toppled lighthouses, tamed wilds and achieved greatness, the three meet again, as women. A moving and irresistibly charming modern-day fable for young and old.

'So achingly magical and charming, so full of whimsicality and merry eccentricity that when the reality begins to strike home... those with iron self-control will just swallow very hard. The rest of us will try to forage quietly for a hankie..." - The Herald, Scotland


Director: Marta Rainer

Stage Manager: Lindsay Garofalo*

Set Designer: Janie Howland

June 6 - 30, 2019
Ruth Nagel Jones Theatre

June 6 - 30, 2019
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