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Reunion opportunities!

Wellesley College has its 2019 Reunion this weekend!
Friends of Wellesley College Theatre and reunion guests, we invite you to:

See our Friday 7pm OPENING NIGHT performance of THIS GIRL LAUGHS, THIS GIRL CRIES, THIS GIRL DOES NOTHING by Finegan Kruckemeyer.
(Wellesley College Alumnae: Catch up in the RNJ lobby beforehand! You’ll be out just in time to kick off the all-class Dance Party on the Academic Quad!)

See our shows at 2pm and 7pm on Sunday 6/9 – including an EXTRA evening show just this week, for industry. (Boston area theatermakers – this is the show for you, if you’re in a conflicting production and can’t share this work otherwise! Use code “Sunday7pm” for discounted tickets!)

Good for audiences 8+!

No shows Saturday because: Hillary & Madeleine will be in the building.

Next week we’re back to our regular schedule.

All dates and times if you click “Get Tickets” above!

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