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First rehearsal for WELL: tonight!

It never, never, never, never gets old.

The excitement. The butterflies. The nerves.

Our company will assemble tonight to begin the process of rehearsing Lisa Kron’s hilarious and HUMAN play WELL, which will run in January and February. It is exciting to welcome 3 new actors to us, 2 beloved WRT actors who we are thrilled to welcome back to the RNJ black box, and a recent Wellesley graduate who has worked for WRT for years behind the scenes and is now stepping in front of the curtain!  Paired with our boffo socko design team, our Wellesley college interns (who make everything happen around here, let’s be honest) and our new Artistic Director, this is going to be one heck of a season kick-off.

We hope you will join us in January! 

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